thrive women

Age, Like Beauty, Is More Than Skin Deep.

Women have special needs as they age. Your challenges tend to be more multifaceted than those of your male counterparts. Changes on the surface, such as dry skin or loss of elasticity, are actually the signs of processes that go much deeper. In your 40s and 50, as you approach menopause, changes in your hormones become increasingly significant.

Don?t Just Treat The Surface, Treat The Source.

Our program of tailored nutrition, nutritional supplementation, hormonal balancing, and exercise help reset your biological clock to prevent or dramatically slow age-related symptoms.

At Thrive Med Spa, we use only Bio-Identical hormones. We do not use any synthetic hormones. Bio-Identical hormones are the exact same molecule that your body would make itself and are completely safe. The same cannot be said for synthetic hormones. We have many options for hormone and metabolism balancing and we will select the options that fit best with your levels, symptoms, lifestyle and goals. Once your hormones and metabolism are balanced, you will feel amazing. Bio-Identical hormones are not only safe, they protect your brain, heart and bones from the effects of aging.

What can our treatment programs help you with?


Weight gain can occur quickly and tends to occur in the abdomen as opposed to the hips.


Dry skin, loss of elasticity, and thin skin that cracks more easily are common.


Poor sleep and irregular sleeping patterns can occur more frequently.

Hot Flashes

Hot flashes are a commonly associated symptom of the hormonal changes associated with female aging.


Decreased energy is a sign of aging that affects both men and women.


Irritability and anxiety, accompanied by mood changes, is not unusual.


Many women report a decreased libido, vaginal dryness, and painful intercourse.


Cognitive and memory problems reminiscent of the ?brain fog? associated with pregnancy can become a persistent issue.


Aches, pains, and stiffness are all common and some of the most easily treated symptoms.


Increasingly frequent urination is often reported and can become a concern.

First We Measure. Then We Manage.

Balancing hormones takes a lot of fine-tuning and requires the help of experts. At Elite Health Hawaii will help you tackle the symptoms of aging and control menopause safely. We will develop a personal treatment plan for you using proactive strategies designed to help you look and feel your best, while keeping you at the lowest possible risk for diseases associated with aging.