There is no law that says you have to get OLD as you age.

Many of the changes men accept as inevitable consequences of aging can be slowed significantly. Some can even be reversed.

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Instead Of Age Slowing You Down, Why Not Slow It Down?
These changes occur gradually, giving us time to get somewhat used to them, even if we don?t like them. However, some of these changes are due to declines in our metabolic and hormonal status, and can be corrected, resulting in improvements in our overall health as well as quality of life.


Decreased energy levels and a lack of ?pep? is very common.


Loss of mental acuity ? poor memory, focus, concentration, and drive can become a concern.


Many men notice a gradual increase in body fat and a decrease in muscle tone.


Loss of strength and/or endurance relative to previous years is not unusual.


Not getting the same results from exercise can become a persistent issue.


It can take longer and longer to recover from exercising at the same intensity.

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Decreased libido and sexual performance is one of the top complaints.


Decreased sleep quality as well as not feeling refreshed even after a full night of sleep is often reported.

First We Measure. Then We Manage.
Balancing hormones takes a lot of fine-tuning and requires the help of experts. At Elite Health Hawaii will help you tackle the symptoms of aging by addressing the causes. We will develop a personal treatment plan for you using proactive strategies designed to help you look and feel your best, while keeping you at the lowest possible risk for diseases associated with aging.