For many women, instead of seeing smooth, silky skin when they look at themselves, they see dimples and bumps caused by cellulite. Cellulite is a cosmetic skin condition that affects 90% of women and 10% of men. It often appears as dimples, puckers or dents and forms when the fibrous bands that connect your skin with the underlying muscle tightens irregularly. When they tighten, it causes the natural layer of fat to bulge up, forming cellulite.

What causes cellulite?

The exact cause of cellulite is unknown but many experts believe that genetics, weight loss, a sedentary or stressful lifestyle, and hormones/hormonal contraceptives could all be factors. Despite popular belief, weight loss, changing your diet and performing certain exercises are unable to reduce your cellulite.

Cellulite treatments

How to get rid of cellulite?

There are multitudes of lotions and creams that claim to cure cellulite, but unfortunately, cellulite is not a topical problem and can not be treated topically. Because it forms due to fibrous bands, the best way to tackle the problem is at its source.

Does weight loss get rid of cellulite?

Many people believe that by losing weight they can get rid of their cellulite, unfortunately it does not, and can lead to exasperation and disappointment. Losing weight can sometimes help to reduce the appearance of cellulite, but there are many problems with losing weight as a cellulite cure. It is not dependable, it is not permanent, and it does not really address the underlying factors of your cellulite. Excess fat is not the real cause of cellulite. Even the leanest of women can have cellulite. Cellulite can also worsen when you lose a lot of weight quickly, due to skin laxity.


Cellfina is an innovative minimally invasive cellulite treatment. It is a small hand-held device that can release the connective bands under your skin that cause cellulite. This precise process works by targeting the connective bands under the skin as opposed to attempting external treatment. The Cellfina system has been proven to improve the appearance of cellulite, especially on the thighs and buttocks.

The Cellfina System utilizes a process called Subcision?. Subcision? works by targeting the fibrous bands of connective tissue that pull down the skin, causing dimples. Cellulite is not a superficial surface issue, unlike other treatments, it can get to the root of the problem. Subcision? is also used to treat wrinkles and scars.

Cellfina will not require significant downtime after the procedure. Many patients are able to drive themselves home immediately after and return to their daily activities almost immediately.

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Is Cellfina Painful?

The Cellfina processes is designed to cause minimal discomfort and minimal downtime. Patients have reported that the most painful part of the process was the numbing agent, but most said that the pain level was not bad, usually around a 2 out of 10.

If you are tired of your cellulite and are ready for the smooth skin you desire, now is your time! Make an appointment today and find out if Cellfina treatment is right for you!