The Silent Killer

Dr. Scott Sanderson Chronic Inflammation is an asymptomatic problem that we should all look out for. Chronic inflammation is killing millions and almost nobody is talking about it. I recently read an article regarding chronic inflammation that I think does a very good job of summarizing the effects of chronic low grade inflammation. Chronic inflammation […]

How Does HCG Make Your Lose Weight?

Dr. Scott Sanderson If 2020 taught us anything, itís that we should make the most of every moment and enjoy life to the fullest while we still can. Donít wait for ďsomedayĒ to obtain the physical and mental health youíve always dreamed of. Exercise and nutrition go hand in hand. You canít have one without […]

10 Tips To Eat Better & Save Money

Dr. Scott Sanderson Pick one or two of these tips each week and practice them until they become habits. Do not try to institute all of these changes at once. Pick one or two each week and practice them until they become habits then add more. Go easy on yourself when you slip up, we […]

Botox vs. Fillers, which one do you need?

Dr. Scott Sanderson Botox and dermal fillers are cosmetic treatments given through injections, usually in a certified aesthetician office. These are minimally invasive treatments, meaning they do not involve downtime nor surgery. However, that is where their similarities end. In the following article, youíll learn all about wrinkles and how fillers & botox work. This […]

PDO Threads | A Lunch Time Facelift

Dr. Scott Sanderson Check out this video from HI Now about the incredible lunchtime facelift that we offer at Elite Health Hawaii!  Otherwise known as the PDO ThreadLift, this treatment can give you smoother, tighter, and younger-looking skin in under two hours. And most of that time is spent making sure the patient is totally […]

4 Common Myths Regarding Exercise

Dr. Scott Sanderson Myth 1-  You can exercise yourself skinny Exercise alone doesnít work!  Several very well done studies have shown that simply increasing activity will NOT lead to weight loss.  This concept is very shocking for some people who have had it pounded into their heads that all they have to do to lose […]

5 Ways to Take Care of Your Skin at Any Age

Dr. Scott Sanderson No matter what your skin type is, a daily skincare routine can help you maintain overall skin health and improve specific concerns like acne, scarring, and dark spots. A daily skincare routine with some basic steps you can do in the morning and before you sleep will help you start moving towards […]

Vampire Facial

Dr. Scott Sanderson How old you are is your business, but how young you look is our business.  With a Vampire Facial, we canít promise it will make you sparkle in the sunlight, but it can certainly give you a taste of immortality. The Vampire Facial harnesses your bodyís natural healing powers to create incredible anti-aging effects. […]

Dr. Scott Sanderson What are dermal fillers? As we age, the fat under our skin naturally deteriorates, making the skin appear saggy and loose. This process brings facial muscles closer to the surface of the skin, which can cause wrinkles to set into the face and become more prominent. Sound scary? Donít worry. Dermal fillers are the […]

Health Care vs. Sick Care

Dr. Scott Sanderson Preventative action makes all the difference. Too much of modern medicine has become about waiting for disease to develop then trying to do something about it after it is too late.At Elite Health Hawaii, we take a truly proactive approach to preventing diseases such as heart disease, strokes, dementia and cancer from […]

The Importance of Vitamin D for Your Health

Dr. Scott Sanderson A lack of Vitamin D can pose serious issues to your health, making it one of the most essential nutrients that you need on a daily basis. Many people do not understand importance of vitamin D not only is vitamin D crucial for absorption of calcium but it plays a vital role […]

Fraudulent Supplements At Major Retailers

Dr. Scott Sanderson The New York Attorney Generalís office targets retailers selling fraudulent and potentially dangerous herbal supplements. In early 2015, an important news story broke in the New York Times. The New York Attorney Generalís office accused multiple very popular stores including Walmart, Target and Walgreens as well as the supplement store GNC of selling […]