The Benefits of Exercise

Dr. Scott Sanderson Exercise is, as we all know, very important. Not just running, or weight training, but also yoga and pilates as well. At Elite Health Hawaii, we believe that wellness encompasses lifestyle changes that benefit your health. There are many types of exercises out there to meet your needs and desired outcomes. Find […]

The Causes of Brain Fog

Dr. Scott Sanderson Brain fog is a term referring to symptoms that are related to some type of cognitive dysfunction, including mental fatigue, memory problems, poor concentration, and inability to focus on tasks. It can become serious and affect your work if left unchecked. Here are some common causes of brain fog. Stress: When you’re […]

Tips for Sleeping Better

Dr. Scott Sanderson Sleep – we all need it, but rarely do we get enough of it. It is just as essential as a healthy diet and regular exercise. Research shows that getting enough sleep every night helps protect your physical and mental health as well as improve your quality of life. Sleep can sometimes be disrupted with poor […]

Can Omega-3 Fight Inflammation?

Dr. Scott Sanderson Scientists have uncovered exciting results with their experiments with omega-3, a fatty acid common to fish, eggs, nuts, and meat. Your body has its own pain and inflammation fighting system which works by converting the fatty acids that you consume into endocannabinoids. This is similar to cannabinoids you typically find in cannabis, […]

Get Rid of Fat & Cellulite, One & For All

Dr. Scott Sanderson We are living in the future. Body contouring treatments have revolutionized the way we think about shaping our ideal selves. No longer do we have to slave away in the gym to target the hard-to-reach fat pockets, or spend big bucks on surgical liposuction that will leave us bedridden for days. Instead, […]

What to Expect in Your CryoSlimming Consultation

Dr. Scott Sanderson After you made up your mind about doing something for yourself, the first step is to go to your free complimentary consultation. This consultation is a no-charge service where we learn more about your specific needs and goals. In this meeting, we will set a plan for your CryoSlimming process to have […]

6 Tips For Eating Better While Out

Dr. Scott Sanderson Tips to keeping weight down even when eating at restaurants. 1.  Hydrate – when dining in a restaurant, drink a full glass of water and eat a side salad before you order your meal.  You will be much less likely to order that huge bowl of pasta or to overeat. 2.  Share – split an entree […]

Dr. Scott Sanderson Check out Dr. Scott’s interview with one of our amazing clients, Rick!  Rick is part of our Hormone Replacement Therapy program. He describes how HRT changed his life, allowing him to wake up feeling capable and energized instead of exhausted and in pain. Your hormones are the master controls for your entire […]

Safety Procedures You Should Know Before Your Aesthetics Appointment

Dr. Scott Sanderson We are so excited to welcome you back! 2020 has been so crazy up until now! Staying confined for so many weeks was kind of surreal, but we did great! We are coming out of this thanks to the community effort, and that’s amazing. We still believe that we can make a […]

PRF: The Next Generation of Hair Growth

Dr. Scott Sanderson Once you’ve noticed that you are losing hair, it’s easy to start making assumptions: I’m going bald; I’ll never have a full head of hair again; etc.  If this sounds like you, in all likelihood, you have wondered what you can do to stop your hair from thinning. Perhaps you have already tried […]

Glucose Levels And Risk Of Dementia

Dr. Scott Sanderson An examination of the relation between glucose levels and dementia. I recently read a thought provoking article recently with some very interesting findings. It was published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 2013. It’s a little thick with medical terminology but made some very interesting discoveries. There are a lot […]

Testosterone Therapy and Cardiovascular Risk

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Dr. Scott Sanderson Many of our patients are initially concerned regarding the safety of testosterone replacement therapy. Many of our patients are initially concerned regarding the safety of testosterone replacement therapy. I want all of my patients to always be able to share any concerns with me and this is probably the most frequent question […]