Thrive Med Spa & Wellness Featured in Kakaako Vert Magazine

We are so excited that our very own Dr. Scott Sanderson and Thrive Med Spa & Wellness were featured in Kakaako Vert Magazine. In the article, it explains how Thrive Med Spa & Wellness was born and how it has evolved over time!

Thrive Med Spa & Wellness started as Elite Health Hawaii when Dr. Sanderson wanted to share the new program he found. This program had personally helped him on his own health journey. Since then, Thrive Med Spa & Wellness continues to evolve and transform into a place to help everyone thrive on the outside AND the inside. We are always staying on top of new procedures and technology to help people not only look good but FEEL good too! 

We offer a wide range of treatments and procedures from aesthetics to your health journey. Some of the things we offer are lip enhancements, hair regrowth, body contouring, fat reduction, customized facials, nutrition, diet, hormones, metabolism, and more!

Check out the full article HERE


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