PDO Threads | A Lunch Time Facelift

Dr. Scott Sanderson

Check out this video from HI Now about the incredible lunchtime facelift that we offer at Elite Health Hawaii! 

Otherwise known as the PDO ThreadLift, this treatment can give you smoother, tighter, and younger-looking skin in under two hours. And most of that time is spent making sure the patient is totally numb! The PDO ThreadLift is an amazing option for people who want to look younger for a fraction of the cost and recovery time as a surgical facelift. 

HI Now host Kanoe Gibson joins Dr. Scott at our offices, along with a lucky volunteer: Kanoe?s sister Maila! Watch as Dr. Scott numbs Maila?s face before gently wiggling the dissolvable PDO Threads under her skin. The threads anchor the skin and pull it upward and back, tightening and sculpting Maila?s face. It?s amazing to see her eyes light up when she sees the results!

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