Health Care vs. Sick Care

Dr. Scott Sanderson

Preventative action makes all the difference.

Too much of modern medicine has become about waiting for disease to develop then trying to do something about it after it is too late.At Elite Health Hawaii, we take a truly proactive approach to preventing diseases such as heart disease, strokes, dementia and cancer from ever developing in the first place. Our in depth, comprehensive executive health evaluation allows us to see signs of disease 5 to 10 years before it develops then to take action to prevent the manifestation. We recognize the little red flags and take action before they become issues.Waiting for patients to develop high blood pressure or high cholesterol or obesity or diabetes and then giving medications to try to address these issues is not prevention. We address the underlying disease processes rather than giving people medications to cover up what are actually symptoms of the true underlying disease process. For example, many of our patients come to us and report they?ve been told that they have normal blood sugar levels so they are not diabetic or pre-diabetic.

If you are even 20-30 pounds overweight, it is highly likely that you are already experiencing insulin resistance and that you have elevated insulin levels. Even mildly elevated blood glucose levels, levels considered normal by most primary care providers, are associated with increased risk for the early development of dementia. We actually evaluate the insulin levels themselves, not just the blood glucose levels. This is one way we are able to spot impending disease before it develops and take action to prevent the development of diabetes.

Do not sit back and wait around for disease to develop, join on of  our comprehenseive proactive health programs and take control of your health.

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