Hawaii’s First Healthspan Company

Dr. Scott Sanderson

October 7th, 2016 ? Elite Health Hawaii is pleased to announce the opening of its first location in Honolulu at Pioneer Plaza. Elite Health, the first company of its kind in Hawai?i, is focused on helping its clientele look and feel like they did in their 20?s.

?You?re only as young as you feel,? said founder and lead physician Dr. Scott Sanderson. ?Working in emergency rooms for over a decade I can tell you that about 85% of critical emergency care issues are 100% preventable. People don?t need to live in pain, feel exhausted, or accept that the common symptoms of aging are inevitable ? they can get their lives back.?

Elite Health Hawaii offers one of the only programs in the nation dedicated to expanding a patient?s ?healthspan.? Healthspan is defined as the number of years a person lives at peak health. Elite Health?s program is both holistic, encompassing all areas of lifestyle, and individualized down to a patient?s DNA. This is not a cookie cutter approach. No two people and no two programs will be the same.

Dr. Scott utilizes testing protocols from the world?s leading laboratories as well as a range of in-clinic examinations including body composition scans, VO2 max thresholds, and resting metabolic rate to form a comprehensive baseline for picture for each patient. This becomes the foundation for the patient?s nutrition and exercise plan. If a patient needs vitamins, minerals, or other supplements to support their goals and optimize their progress, Dr. Scott offers a wide range of pharmaceutical-grade supplements.

?I?m the program?s first success story,? said Dr. Sanderson. ?Although he took care of himself, as he neared 40 the results of his blood work showed the classic risk factors for diabetes and heart disease. This kicked off a quest into the science of health and aging, spanning topics ranging from diet and DNA to telomeres and testosterone replacement therapy. Using himself as the test subject, Dr. Sanderson devised program to turn his health around. ?Six months later I?m in the best shape and in the best health of my life.?

The same will be true for his patients. According to Dr. Sanderson, ?My patients? health will improve in every regard and by every measure. Their panels will be better. Their body composition will be better. Their health will be better. They will not only look and feel better, they?ll live better.?

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