Get Rid of Fat, Cellulite, Once and For All

Dr. Scott Sanderson

We are living in the future.

Body contouring treatments have revolutionized the way we think about shaping our ideal selves. No longer do we have to slave away in the gym to target the hard-to-reach fat pockets, or spend big bucks on surgical liposuction that will leave us bedridden for days.

Instead, we can spend our lunch breaks sitting inside a comfortable office, relaxing or chatting with a provider, while a non-invasive machine melts away our fat and tones our muscles. It’s that easy, and furthermore, it’s PERMANENT.

Perhaps melts is the wrong word to use, though. The majority of body contouring treatments use cold therapy or cryolipolysis to kill fat and tighten the skin. Here at Elite Health Hawaii, we recommend using a combination of CryoSlimming and CryoToning to achieve the silhouette you’ve always wanted.

But why these two particular treatments, and how do they work?

These two treatments were designed to work hand-in-hand. Using CryoSkin technology, each of these treatments use sub-zero temperatures to target different problem areas. CryoSlimming kills fat cells, and CryoToning boosts collagen to tighten the skin and smooth cellulite.

Fat cells cannot survive temperatures below about 17′ C. During your CryoSlimming treatment, our providers will pass a hand-held device over the treatment area that lowers the temperature of the fat cells to approximately 0′ C.

Now your cells are unable to store any more fat, and the process triggers apoptosis, also known as programmed cell death. The dead cells are flushed out via the bloodstream during your body’s natural, two-week-long lymphatic cycle.

CryoToning, meanwhile, uses cold temperatures to address cellulite and other texture issues. It widens the blood vessels, increasing oxygen supply in the treatment area. The improvement in oxygen circulation boots the body’s collagen production, and the collagen, in turn, breaks down cellulite. The result is smoother, tighter skin.

If diet and exercise aren’t enough, we can be comforted by the fact that we’re living in an era where we have options for body contouring. When you combine CryoSlimming and CryoToning, these two non-invasive treatments can give you the figure you’ve always wanted, without the labors of the gym or the cost and downtime of surgery.

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