Dream Body on a Discount

We are so humbled that our new medical weight loss program paired with truSculpt iD was recently featured on Hi Now. Here’s everything you need to know about how our new medical weight loss program can help you eliminate that stubborn fat. What’s Included in the Package First, we’ll start off with an overall consultation. […]

Introducing our New Medical Weight Loss Program

women wearing swimsuits

Our medical weight loss program is helping people achieve their dream bodies! This program is great for anyone who is having difficulty losing weight.  Each individual person will get a consultation to help Dr. Sanderson create a plan for your specific biology, lifestyle, and medical history. Utilizing medications catered to an individual can help people […]

6 Tips For Eating Better While Dining Out in 2022

Dr. Scott Sanderson Tips to keeping weight down even when eating at restaurants in 2022 Now, more than ever, the temptations for indulging in less-than-healthy foods when dining out at restaurants are overflowing and enticing. But if you’re trying to eat right without changing your lifestyle, we have some tips for you. After all, you […]

Get Rid of Fat, Cellulite, Once and For All

Dr. Scott Sanderson We are living in the future. Body contouring treatments have revolutionized the way we think about shaping our ideal selves. No longer do we have to slave away in the gym to target the hard-to-reach fat pockets, or spend big bucks on surgical liposuction that will leave us bedridden for days. Instead, […]