Can Omega-3 Fight Inflammation?

Dr. Scott Sanderson

Scientists have uncovered exciting results with their experiments with omega-3, a fatty acid common to fish, eggs, nuts, and meat.

Your body has its own pain and inflammation fighting system which works by converting the fatty acids that you consume into endocannabinoids. This is similar to cannabinoids you typically find in cannabis, but with a few differences: you don’t get high on the endocannabinoids that your body creates. Furthermore, these endocannabinoids are then converted by your body’s enzymes into an even more powerful painkiller molecule, which bind to your immune system receptors.

Why and how does the body do this? It seems that much of this function is performed in your stomach, where friendly digesting bacteria is plentiful and can help to metabolize fatty acids.

This is an exciting discovery into the power of omega-3, which is common in our food and in supplements, and can help us to find new and safer methods of relieving pain and inflammation.

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