Priapus Shot: Procedure, Benefit And Effects On Mens’ Sexual Health

When the p shot comes into discussion, what comes to mind is its effect on sexual performance. However, it is way more than just that. The p shot, also known as the priapus shot, is all over the market with so many different claims on how it is the magic sex shot. However, there are […]

6 Tips For Eating Better While Dining Out in 2022

Dr. Scott Sanderson Tips to keeping weight down even when eating at restaurants in 2022 Now, more than ever, the temptations for indulging in less-than-healthy foods when dining out at restaurants are overflowing and enticing. But if you’re trying to eat right without changing your lifestyle, we have some tips for you. After all, you […]

Get Rid of Fat, Cellulite, Once and For All

Dr. Scott Sanderson We are living in the future. Body contouring treatments have revolutionized the way we think about shaping our ideal selves. No longer do we have to slave away in the gym to target the hard-to-reach fat pockets, or spend big bucks on surgical liposuction that will leave us bedridden for days. Instead, […]

The Benefits of Exercise

Dr. Scott Sanderson Exercise is, as we all know, very important. Not just running, or weight training, but also yoga and pilates as well. At Elite Health Hawaii, we believe that wellness encompasses lifestyle changes that benefit your health. There are many types of exercises out there to meet your needs and desired outcomes. Find […]

The Causes of Brain Fog

Dr. Scott Sanderson Brain fog is a term referring to symptoms that are related to some type of cognitive dysfunction, including mental fatigue, memory problems, poor concentration, and inability to focus on tasks. It can become serious and affect your work if left unchecked. Here are some common causes of brain fog. Stress: When you’re […]