50 million Americans struggle with acne. Some spend thousands of dollars on topical and oral treatments that are all too often ineffective.

AviClear is the first and only laser that is FDA approved to treat mild to severe acne. AviClear works by targeting the oily substance (sebum) in your pores. Overproduction of sebum is the leading cause of acne. AviClear does not require any topical or oral acne medications. The wavelength of the laser selectively targets the sebaceous glands (the ones responsible for acne) and inactivates them. Since it targets the sebaceous glands, it is effective for acne in younger patients as well as patients with hormonal acne when they are older.

AviClear is safe and effective for all skin types because the laser targets the sebum, not any pigments. In the FDA study, all skin types from the lightest to the darkest were treated with equal benefits. Patients undergo 3 treatments 1 month apart.

Each treatment is 30 minutes. Your skin is cleansed and then the laser is applied directly to acne-affected areas. You will feel warmth in your skin as the laser targets the oil producing glands in your skin.

No numbing is necessary because AviClear has a special cooling system to keep the procedure comfortable.

You will start to see a reduction in acne breakouts and an improvement in your skin’s overall appearance. Optimal results are achieved after a full series of 3 treatments. Each treatment will eliminate more of the oil production.

You may see some mild inflammation and redness after the procedure but it should fade over the course of a few minutes. There is no downtime from the procedure. You might have a flare of acne for a few days after the treatment.

90% of patients in the clinical studies were happy with their results at 3 months. Most saw further improvement at 6 months after their third treatment. Similar to accutane, some patients will need further treatment but without the same side effects.

AviClear Frequently Asked Questions

All patients who have moderate to severe acne are candidates as it is safe for all skin types. AviClear is great for anyone who has moderat to severe acne and does not want to spend the time going to the dermatologist monthly, using harsh chemicals on their skin, taking harsh drugs, or dealing with side effects from being on an oral medication

Due to the AviCool technology that cools your skin repeatedly throughout the procedure, it is a very comfortable procedure.

All patients will go through at least 3 sessions a month apart. 90% were satisfied after this so there is a small amount of patients who will require further treatments. 

The procedure will last 30-45 minutes. 

There is no downtime with AviClear. 

After your treatment, you will need to wear sunblock and avoid occlusive agents such as vaseline or aquaphor 

AviClear was just FDA cleared in March of 2022 but they have patients who are still satisfied with their results after 2 years. 

It is $1000/session. Some people feel like this is a lot but considering that you will not have to go to the dermatologist monthly or spend so much money on medications and chemicals, the treatment in the long run likely saves money and definitely saves time while also avoiding side effects. We also offer interest free financing for treatments.


AviClear is the first and only laser FDA cleared for treatment of acne. AviClear targets acne at the source and eliminates the production of sebum. 90% of patients in the clinical studies saw near complete elimination of their acne after 3 treatments. Virtually painless and safe for all skin types.

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